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At the Wild Bird House our mission is simple: "The best seed at the best prices!" . We carry 100% non-GMO, midwest grown, fresh, bulk seed and the best packaged seed in the industry. Our seed does not contain fillers and is priced less than seed mixes that do. It's a lot of work to bag fresh seed instead of selling it prepackaged, but we do it to provide exceptional value to our customers. We only carry the absolute best brands in the industry.

Specialty feeders
Goldfinch click to enlarge! Two of the most popular specialty feeds are thistle and peanuts. Thistle is a Aspects peanut silo with Downey Woodpecker click to enlarge! favorite of Finches, Buntings, Pine Siskin’s and Junco’s. You can feed thistle in a tube thistle feeder or fine mesh thistle feeder. Some people will mix finely chopped sunflower with thistle. Peanuts can be fed in seed mixes or in a peanut feeder. Peanut feeders attract Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Chickadee's and Titmice. Another specialty feeder gaining popularity is a clinger only feeder. They attract seed eating birds that don't need perches like Goldfinch, Woodpeckers, Chickadees and Nuthatches. Seed mixes high in nuts and fruits are an excellent choice for clinger only feeders.
No mess and zero waste
If you want to feed the birds but don't want to clean up any mess or have the occasional sunflower grow in your garden, you can use seeds that are out of the shell. We offer sunflower and peanuts with no shell. The sunflower can be purchased in a whole heart, medium chop or fine chop. Wild Delight offers an excellent zero waste, zero mess mix, Total Cuisine. Total Cuisine contains sunflower kernels, peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, dried rasins, and is packed full of vitamins and minerals.
How to attract the "colorful" birds
It's simple really, don't use fillers. You can however, attract different varieties of birds with various seeds and feeders. Our House Blend is economical and designed to attract the widest variety of birds in our area. In general sunflower and nuts are favorites to most seed eating birds. Wild Delight blends not only have sunflower and nuts, they also have fruit and are fortified with vitamins and minerals.
Seeds that don't attract "nuisance" birds
Safflower click to enlarge! The magic seed is safflower. Why and what's the trade off? Safflower has a very hard shell and with exception of Doves, only birds with large seed breaking beaks like Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Rose Breasted Grosbeak click to enlarge! and House Finches can eat it. Grackles and Starlings don't eat it because they can't crack the shell. So while it's not a first choice of most bird there are a few highly desirable species that love it. As an added benefit, squirrels generally don't like it either!
Bird foods other than seed
Hairy Woodpecker on a Wild Delight suet cake click to enlarge! In addition to seed birds love suet and insects. Woodpecker’s especially love suet. Bluebirds eating mealworms from a Droll Yankees Seed Saver feeder click to enlarge! Suet is very nutritious and helps birds make it through cold winters. In the summer months you can use no melt varieties. Wild Delight suets also contain fruit.

Another great food for birds are mealworms. Most birds will enjoy them, but people generally like to feed mealworms to Bluebirds, Wrens and Orioles. You can feed them in a variety of ways, but most common are a glass or plastic dish container or Bluebird feeder. The Droll Yankees' Seed Saver feeder makes a great meal worm feeder. If you are feeding Bluebirds and you find that there is too much competition for the mealworms, you can use a Bluebird feeder to prevent the bigger birds from getting the mealworms.
Various Specialty Feeders
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Downey Woodpecker on a Birds Choice Acorn Peanut feeder click to enlarge! Bluebird in a Birds Choice Bluebird feeder click to enlarge! Female Orioles on a Birds Choice Oriole feeder click to enlarge! Nuthatch on a Clinger Only feeder click to enlarge! Effort-Less Feeder. Click to enlarge! Par-a-Sol Hummingbird Feeder. Click to enlarge!
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