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Where are my Goldfinches?


A question I am frequently asked is where are the Goldfinches? Have they migrated? The American Goldfinch is a year round resident of Kansas. It is the only member of the family Fringillidae that molts twice a year. It molts in the spring, usually around April when the male grows the striking yellow feathers and black wings and black cap on top of his head, and the female changes into a lighter yellow-brown color, but not as bright as the male. In the fall, usually in September, the male loses his black cap and bright yellow color and becomes an olive green or yellowish brown, and the female a soft yellow-brown. But they don’t go anywhere, except maybe out in the woods or to your neighbor’s house because you, thinking they were gone, quit feeding them. They do seem to be a little scarcer in April and September, but this is thought to be because they are more secretive when they are molting, and in the fall, they form flocks rather than the small family groups they hang out with in the summer. Continue reading

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